The Greener the Better

I grew up reading the book 'The pH Miracle'. It fascinated me from an early age what we put into our bodies and the reactions of our bodies. But I never really consciously began practicing what I read about. I felt that when I tried, my body would still react to foods that should be healthy. Tomatoes, grapes, oranges would often cause my tongue to burn. Bloating was something I just figured I'd have to live with the rest of my life. More years went buy, I had my first son. Soon after his birth I began loosing weight....big time. For the first time in my life I was extremely underweight. I was breastfeeding him and actually eating a lot. But I was somehow undernourished. I don't know how, but thankfully my body kicked back to be able to nourish myself and my soon then growing second son. He was born, breastfed as well. This time I noticed that everything was sluggish (digestion wise). I was making sure I ate enough, and ended up staying at a normal weight. But I was experiencing lots of symptoms that were slowly getting on my nerves. I was constantly feeling a cold coming on, experiencing 'hay fever' even in winter, the air felt like it was always drying my nasal passages. Perfumes, fires from the fireplace, the smell of sprayed fertilizer (in Switzerland cow dung - fertilizer is sprayed on the fields), practically all nightshades, milk products, garlic and onions, we're all beginning to wreak havoc in my body. Ah, and alcohol would get me extremely drunk after only one glass. So much so, that in combination with meditating and this bodily reaction, I consume alcohol sparingly.

Somehow I stumbled upon 'The Low Histamine Chef' (now 'Healing Histamine'), and read about her experiences with Quercetin. Searching for a source to order from here in Switzerland, I finally found one. I started taking it as prescribed on the bottle....and holy toledo! Symptoms in check. I started realizing that a lot of the symptoms I had since childhood, which went into overdrive in adulthood and after pregnancies, had to do with inflammation in my body. Maybe we could say my body was constantly trying to 'burn' something out of it....often feeling like foods and environmental things were an enemy. At one point I started feeling as if I would develop asthma, which wouldn't have been a great surprise - it's in the family as are allergies.*

I have decreased dairy products and replace most with lactose free options. I, very recently feel like only eating fish and chicken every once in a while. I can eat tomatoes and other nightshades again. I sparingly consume garlic, cooked onions, and raw onions. 

I now crave Green Smoothies/Juices. Salad, lots and lots of salads. Walking up the garden path, I find myself thinking about what is growing, Green and edible. (The garden is full of weeds...but a lot of considered weeds are edible or have beneficial uses).

So, my Green Smoothies are made to last me 3 days. *3 is my favorite number. Some of my favorite ingredients, which get mixed around for different days:

Hemp Protein Powder
Rice Protein Powder
Hemp shelled seeds 
Green plant powder 
Green fresh salads

Fresh Ginger Root

Himalayan Salt
Kurkuma (Tumeric)
Black Pepper
Garam Masala

Sometimes a bit of Pumpkin Seed Oil

What my Smoothie consists of, depends on what I have at home. I enjoy them not overly sweet, and actually love spicy versions. This is normally my breakfast. Of course, if I feel like eating solid food, I do. I often really just want a smoothie. The key is to really start listening to your body. Your body will let you know what it needs, aside from cravings, which are normally emotional. My boys love cars. I tell them in order for the car to run well, you need to put in some good quality Benzin (Gas - Fuel).

Brrrmmm, Brrrmmm

Oh, I would love to hear what your favorite recipes are? If you have children or a partner, do they also enjoy drinking them? 

*I don't consider myself having allergies nor asthma. But if you do, try looking at the foods and drinks you're ingesting. Read up on High Histamine and overreactions in the body.