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Highschool Chemistry, wonderful. It was one of the few school topics I was understanding. Our teacher was a quirky woman, who was probably a shy kid growing up. She had a sense of humor that made only herself laugh. Somehow I liked her. I could see her fitting very well with our Physics teacher. They had something in common, but he was male and she was female. Anyways, one day she let us know that she didn't watch TV (television)....she was a refuser of the 'News' and its negative daily input.
I don't know how the other students received that bit of information. It's been how long since Highschool? Awesome...its been 20 years. Back to the topic... Obviously, I've remembered what she said. It somehow had an impact on me, her sharing that bit of personal life with us. I remember thinking, 'well, why would you go and do a thing like that? You'll be out of touch with society.' 
My Dear 'Quirky', former Chemistry Teacher
You did it. 20 years later I got it. Thanks to your sharing.....I started slowly realizing that the more News I listened to or watched, the more depressed I felt. Heavy. For example, if I listen to a story of parents and their children, I empathize in a deep way. The saying of "Put yourself in the other persons shoes," that's often what I do, without doing it on purpose. I've realized its been happening since my childhood. But it's oftentimes overwhelming. Flooding emotions. Soaked up sadness and despair. The act of empathising is a beautiful thing. It keeps our feelings of connection open. You are understanding and feeling what the others are going's actually very beautiful. Eventually, though, you end up seeing so much of this stuff that you wind up becoming numb. I believe eventually, in order to protect us, our system starts numbing us so we no longer are in a constant state of a flood of emotions. The catalyst to get back to that    'feeling' of emotions and empathy, needs to be more and more intense. Meaning that the stories/News need to be really horrible in order to get us back to the point of feeling again.
Let's think about it. If everyday, a few times a day I let myself soak in the information of News that is heavy and depressing (which the majority is, that's how the media makes money and attracts).... Every Day. By the end....dang....smack dab depression because I would start to believe that the world sucks. People obviously must only be doing these crazy, jacked up things to each other, animals, nature...
Rewind. Skip a few of those lines. What happens if the News I let myself hear and see is of a different kind? What happens if I start with a dose of Good News? Every Single Day? I will be reminded of the goodness of people. I will see positive stories from around the world. I will be reminded of the beauty and start to notice it more because my energy level starts to look for the match of what I've been letting into my psyche.
Try an experiment with yourself. Take a break from the typical media input. Take control of your News feed and what you allow into your psyche. Put out positive. Take in positive. Post it up with got this.
Flow Joy Love
This lovely picture is to remind you of the sweetness of life. Black, White ......and lots of Pink Sprinkles.... (Insert Happy Face)
How do you feel after watching the news, if you watch the news at all? How do you feel Energetically?  
*First published in September, 2016