You are Your Healer


I'm not a healer. 
You are your own Healer.
That's right, you. The responsibility is yours to ensure your own healing. You are your own master. I'm a vessel for energy to flow through, what you do with it is your responsibility.
Some might be scared of this idea. To be responsible for their own lives. It might feel nice knowing that you have an appointment and feel like, 'ah, this person is going to Heal me.' But they're not going to.
You are. You have to. 
Only you can do it for yourself. 
Deciding that there Is space in your life to grow. Deciding which *'tool' could best assist you in Your decision.  Deciding that the time is Now.
This can be for some, one of the most empowering realizations of life.  That any changes wished for can now begin, independent of anyone else (codependent relationships)....the decision is yours and yours alone. Nobody outside of yourself is in charge of your life. They have their own life in which they do what they feel is best for themselves. Why shouldn't You? 
Change is good. Change can be followed by growth. Transformation and change go hand in hand. Stillness, sameness = stagnancy. 
😘 PrisCilla