2nd Advent

In Switzerland, every Sunday of the month of December is counted, and in some households - celebrated.

Today’s the 2nd Advent

I’m grateful for the feeling of togetherness and community. I’ve been an expat now for almost 16 years, and have often missed my big, loving, hilarious, and spunky Latin Family.

From meet-ups through Expat groups, living with housemates, and coworkers - I’ve ALWAYS Thankfully, found a connection to a Sister.

I have so many, and for that I am extremely Thankful, from the innermostness of my heart ❤️ 

The connection, to others makes my heart sing. I’ve come to know and treasure the importance....this Tribe Feeling.....belonging, heartful, accepted in being yourself.

It’s one of the biggest reasons why I’m putting together The Flow Tribe. 

Feminine Flow, in all ways.

Be yourself.

Be accepted.

Support others.

Be Supported.

Energy Flow

Heart Flow




It’s that time of the Year - calling us to do lots of inner reflecting. But it doesn’t need to be done alone.

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