The Flow Tribe

No Newsletter = Facebook Community

I think it was last week. I cleared out my inbox.

I had close to 4000 emails.

For months I couldn’t do it with my inbox, there was just too many. 

At the same time I’ve been going back and forth about creating a Newsletter. I’m  tending towards leaving it to the side - to focus more on a Group Feeling. An online Community of connecting with other ‘out of the Box’ women.

This is Where THE FLOW TRIBE comes in. 

For years I had the feeling that I was an especially weird one. There were A lot of things that I thought about but couldn’t talk to many of my friends about.

I think my list was like, 500 Topics You Shouldn’t Talk About - With Other People 









My Feelings

Dreams of Flying



Pacha Mama

Alternative Therapies


The people I HAVE been able to openly talk about the above topics (to name a few), can be counted on 1 hand - that’s 37 years of counting on 1 hand🤔🤗 

But now, I’m slowly coming down from the Attic. (* ok, Whatever, the past 3 years kind of were an intense Falling down those Attic Stairs!) I’ve  been journeying on accepting all parts of myself, letting her be shown to the world - because only then, will I be able to fully surround myself with people who also truly accept All of ME.

I trotted my path for so many years, hiding certain aspects of me. I truly did. At the point that I’m at, I’m grateful to all of the women and men who spoke of their ‘Attic Counterparts’ - bringing them to the open. Being vulnerable, in a new, less traveled road - and letting others, who were still in the Attic, feel a little less ‘weirder’.

I know that we all start from somewhere. Or at least a lot of us may still be trotting on Silent Glittery Paths. 

This is where THE FLOW TRIBE comes in. It’s like our big dirt floored living room, where we all sit on the ground - You Know - to Ground with Pacha MaMa. Telling stories and asking questions from those who’ve made the journeys we would Also like to make - while the embers from our Community Fire, Keep Us Warm.

Taboo Topics? Here’s Our Space To Talk About It