Rituals, Beliefs, and Mindfulness

A few years ago, during a phase of deep introspection, I asked myself what I believed in. I asked myself Why I needed anything outside of myself to believe in.


I think I was at a point of giving up. I was feeling frustrated: I was about to embark on a separation from a 10 year partnership. I was about to make a decision that would change my life and the lives of my kids. I was deciding to leave our family home, our garden, our 4 walls, to move into an apartment. I didn't know how I would financially provide for my upcoming new path. I felt like the stable floor beneath my feet was caving in. 


As I asked myself ´what feeds and nourishes my happiness`, I began to understand that what I was craving and longing for was the feeling of having a purpose. So began my questioning of Rituals & Beliefs.


What did I believe in?

What is the purpose of rituals in my life?


In my asking myself these questions, I began to understand why so many belong to religions. Coming together at a place of worship, setting and following certain rituals together, in a way helps many of us feel  a sense of purpose.


At this turning point of my life, I realised that I alone had to establish my own sense of purpose. Believe in something, if I feel called to. Create my own rituals, if I feel called to.


I think that believing in something lends us a sense of hope during our human experience. It might help us by giving us a feeling that there is something in which we can set our anchor to. Something which we can trust in, have hope in, and find stability in.


What do I believe in now? To be honest, at this point, I just am. Label free, I belong to no religion. Label free, I belong to no group. I do though, believe in love. That’s the one thing which has remained constant in my life. I believe in love. I believe that love is within each and every one of us, in some stronger, in others more fragile.


I am aware that for myself, my rituals feel good to me (lighting candles, thanking unseen helpers, holding my crystals in my hands), but not everyone has a call to have the same rituals as I have. And that’s okay because we all have the right to believe in what helps us feel good. Maybe we also have more rituals then we previously thought of - my coffee and 30 minutes of quiet coffee time for me in the morning, is definitely high on my list! My little ritual of mindfulness.


What are some of your most loved rituals? What helps bring you to a state of mindfulness?


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