Love Yourself Retreat

Passionate Souls 🌟

I am so excited to invite you to the upcoming Love Yourself Retreat. 

This online retreat is a day to explore new and wonderful ways to love yourself. 

We have many holistic healers sharing their gifts to provide you with classes, experiential sessions, and workshops. 

You will be able to come and go as you please throughout the day, choosing from multiple sessions at one time. 

And don't worry if there are 2 you'd like to attend at once, you can get the recordings of those you missed (and even the ones you loved so much you want to see again!).  

Most of us don't take the time to love ourselves often enough. I invite you to take Sunday March 13th to do just that. 

Register for the whole day for only $27 at


I was so excited when I was approached to join this retreat, hosted by the Holistic Healing Hub. The Hub is your online one-stop for for all your holistic healing needs. I'm so honoured to be a part of it.


Not part of the Hub yet? You can join our free group here:

To date, we have sessions such as:

💜5 Keys to Mastering Intuition 

🌟intenSati Spiritual Fitness class

💜The Greatest Love of All workshop & meditation

🌟The Power & Science of Working with Moon Energy

💜Awaken to Your Soul's Purpose

🌟SOULfusion yoga, cardio, & strength training class for all levels 

💜Opening up to your intuition & awareness - meditation, grounding,  & chakra balancing

🌟Journey to the Akashic Records guided experience

💜BodyTalk - What is it and can it help me?

🌟Intuitive Pilates class

💜Balance your Chakras for Authentic Communication  

🌟Journey To Self Holistic Well-being Through Energy Balancing


and many more!

Try out a modality you've never heard of or have always wanted to try. 

Learn more about a topic you've been yearning to. 

Love yourself in your own way. Join us on Sunday March 13th. Register here:

Much love,