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Traditions, ceremonies, and rituals carried down ancestral lines. Honoring our connection to our ancestors. The lessons that our ancestors have learned and experienced, runs through our genetic memory. To honor them is to honor what they have learned.

Healing is not just for broken bones, cuts, and bruises. The healing we are now concerned with, has to do with the transformation of beliefs that I have held us back, in some way or form - from reaching our true potential. This could be a belief that our Inner Child held onto, interpreted as true, and continued bringing up into the present day life. But the ‘belief’ itself, was something said to that Inner Child from someone else’s hurt Inner Child.

You know, or may have heard (and if not, now you know!), Feminine Energy has been rising up. We had the #metoo movement happen just recently. Liken that to Feminine Energy realizing/accepting/acknowledging she’s been wronged - and finding the courage to speak about it, to the masses. That was a Healing M*fo....and it was just what we All needed. I felt it bubbling up the month before, with my own experiences coming to the surface . As the #metoo movement finally erupted Internationally, I...