What is it like to be a man that can sense beyond what people can usually pick up?


Well I am here to tell you...


Probably my entire life I could pick up something but growing up in a culture where I was a practicing member of the Catholic church where you're told a story that you must accept, made it very confusing for me. There was a heaven and a hell and sometimes depending on the Pope there was limbo.


My experiences of the spirit side was usually associated with horror movies. Any horror movies I had seen as a kid scared me half to death! On top of that any reference to delving into something like this was associated with the devil which as a kid growing up is a scary prospect, don't mess with this stuff or the devil will show up and that's the end of you. In Ireland there are so many stories regarding to people seeing the devil and then places get named after that experience (such as the hellfire club in the Dublin Mountains) that it just puts you off or makes you shut it out.


So as a kid growing up in Ireland that was my primary fear. And that's it, fear really stops us from opening up to what might be already there or what is possible. Fear created by others or fear of what others might think if we delve into such matters. When  I became a teenager I became atheist as that was the going trend and what my main influencers (my friends) where doing. Listening to the opinions of others and allowing their beliefs to become mine over time.


As I got older and I became more aware that the world might not be as cut and dry and straight forward as it seemed. I became increasingly agitated to what was around me specifically at night time. I would say particularly after my uncle passed over but I cannot put a specific time on it when I started to have "heightened experiences" that I couldn't explain.


It wasn't that it just started I think there was always something there but I guess I  learned to completely block it out, either out of fear or have it "logically" explained away by others.


In this case I became more open to it however, for me the fear didn't go away, in fact it increased exponentially! Each and every night I would feel a presence or multiple presences around me, I would have an incredibly strong feeling when they would enter ~(Like a change of frequency that only I would hear) I would immediately get goosebumps and break into uncontrollable sweats as I would become overwhelmed with fear!


As this experience became more and more as did the feeling. Sometimes I would feel physical touches, like pokes and pulls, sometimes I would have air blown at my face with the source not being clear. Sometimes I would feel my hair being rubbed like someone was petting the top of my head, sometimes I would hear my name being mentioned or someone else's and sometimes I would be awoken to the entire bed vibrating if I was able to fall asleep that is.