My heart is a beautiful thing. My heart is that which connects me to All of You.  My heart is what moved, felt, and Is, in my Blog Entry 'Radio Love'. 

My heart is the strongest thing about me. She is that which brings the inner smile of my childhood, to my lips.
My heart is at the same time the most vulnerable thing about me. My heart began to cower back, into deep corners, in lonely, shadow filled alleys.  
My heart is connected to my hands. Through my hands, I allow the remembrance of my heart to stir the remembrance of yours. Touching a strangers shoulder, I am quite aware of the connection being made.  
I know how important touch is and I am aware that touch is something we do too little of. Why do we crave it? Because it is detrimental to our survival.  A child lacking touch may experience feelings of neglect and grow to find themselves continuously searching for love. 
A woman, long not touched by her partner, may experience the same. Touch connects us. Touch helps love to flow through our skin, into our hearts.