Coaches, you can learn Reiki Levels 1 & 2 to help bring your clients´ transformations to a New Level!

I’ve been teaching Reiki now for the past 6+ years, and have realised that many of my students are already giving some level of `coaching` to their clients. Coaching and `healing` go hand-in-hand and can help bring your clients through transformations that can go deeper emotionally!


Energy Sessions have many benefits:

  • The body and mind often experience a deep state of relaxation, often leading to better sleep
  • The general sense of well-being is uplifted
  • A sense of grounding in the physical body
  • A growing sense of inner strength and peace
  • Awakening and rebalancing of sexual energy
  • Awakening and rebalancing of heart energy
  • Rebalancing and healthy integration of emotions

Plus so much more!


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