A private community for empaths and sensitive souls on the journey to becoming The Passionate Soul. A positive, heart based private group to discuss and share about Energy, Vibrations, Healing, Ascension, and Manifestations.


If you’re an Empath or Sensitive Soul and looking for a welcoming space to BE - I welcome you to join us at The Passionate Soul.


I’ve created The Passionate Soul as a community to help empower Empaths!


This is our private space to share, ask questions, and find positive and uplifting inspiration.

  • I’m known around the globe 🌎 as The Empath Empowerer
  • I love to openly discuss those topics that have been hushed for too long
  • I want to help you go from Sensitive Soul to Passionate Soul
  • Open discussions about energy, feelings, and lots more
  • You’ll receive a whole bunch of love, acceptance, understanding, and inspiration
  • Creating your heart based business or service? 1x per week you’ll be able to tell us all about your services.

PrisCilla - The Passionate Soul