A few years back, marked the beginning of a very intense pull towards my personal transformations.


I’m not going to say, ‘Spirit told me.’ ‘My Guides warned me.’ 

Or that, ‘someone outside of myself told me I should.’


It was all me. It came from me. 

And at times it felt really hard to accept that. There was no way that I would have consciously asked to experience all which I ended up experiencing.


Often I thought it was all created by people and situations around me.  I felt bad for myself. Sadness for my experiences. Let down by crummy dealings in life.


By this time, I had developed stronger allergies, a weakened digestive fire, less patience, resentment, and pretty much a lack of joy. When I could afford to, I would make appointments with various energetic therapists, take homeopathic remedies, and try my best to work on myself. Little by little, like a peeling onion, one layer at a time was slowly healed. More and more I began to feel the misplaced Power that I gave away in the blaming of others.


I began to remember that the Power was & is Mine


As this Dark Night of the Soul brought me to breaking point, I began to make decisions that would help put myself and my family on a path for our highest good. It was rough but the call to bring about transformation was so strong.


The years that followed led me to:


  • Begin a co-parenting journey (separation & divorce)
  • Discover more about myself
  • Do more of what made me feel joyful
  • Learn more about my soul gifts and talents
  • Integrate and live hand in hand with my intuition
  • Become an entrepreneur 


Most of us have heard that through our difficult experiences we have a chance to help and inspire others through what we ourselves have learned from those experiences. It has been no different for myself. I know what it feels like to go through the dark pits, to feel like giving up, to see no light at the end of the tunnel - luckily though, there has always been at least one tiny glimmer of light on which I could focus on.


That glimmer of light is what has always moved me forward - holding on to the believe that yes, soon everything is going to be more than alright!


Eventually I allowed myself to become passionate about myself, committing to live a life full of purpose, joy, love, and tons of laughter. I stepped into my power and rose from a pit full of ashes, into a life of passion and comittment to help guide and inspire others to do the same for themselves too!


I do believe that we are all Passionate Souls. Some of us are not yet ready to step into that version of ourselves, while some of us, many of us are ready to do so NOW!


If you are such a soul, I am looking forward seeing how I can help to guide and inspire you to step into your Passionate Soul Self!