Digital Prints

Digital Chakra Prints to print at home or at your local printer shop, available to choose from different sizes. Put them in a beautiful frame for positive chakra art, at home or in your studio.

Energy Attunement

This Energetic Attunement can be played and listened to whenever you want to reach a state of relaxation and at the same time, receive an Energetic Boost. Enhanced with Alpha Waves, it is perfect to help bring a sense of balance for your Body, Mind, and Spirit, especially when used together in meditation.


The comforting and relaxing music is accompanied by an official Reiki Attunement. Sit back and receive the same transformational energies that Reiki Clients and Students receive during Sessions and classes!

Reiki Heartbeat Music

This Heartbeat Reiki Music can be played during reiki sessions and meditations!

Divine Feminine Session

Bringing our Feminine Energy back into Balance.

This Session focuses on the Energetic Acceptance of the Feminine which is within all of us.

Accepting our Feminine Self:

  • Allowing
  • Receiving
  • Accepting
  • Flowing
  • Softness
  • Being

Divine Mother Session

This one is for you all you ladies who are on the path of Motherhood or for anyone who wants to connect to the energy of the Divine Mother.


At times we may feel the need to tap into the beautiful and nourishing energy of the Unconditional Love of the Divine Mother.

Maybe we have had less than ideal relationships with our own mothers, or we would like to awaken this vibration within ourselves.


Sit back and allow yourself to receive this energy infusion of unconditional love!