The Traveling Yoga Mat

I'm traveling now from Geneva back to Zürich. My first train, I caught with wonderful all to myself. A few minutes later, a lady sat in the same section. She had a load - several bags, a yoga mat or something similar. I thought, 'cool, this older lady has been camping on her own!'
Eventually I fell asleep, thinking about the chocolate pretzel I would be bringing back to the boys. While sleeping, I hear a male voice. I let myself awake to find it was time to show our tickets. I scrambled in my bag for mine, found it, but couldn't find my 1/2 card. I'm thinking, 'great, he's gonna thinking I'm somehow trying to swindle my ride.' He waits for me, as I unsuccessfully don't find it! Luckily he finds my info in his system. 
He turns to the lady with yoga mat. She hands him something other than an actual train ticket.....and I hear him tisking at her in French, plus many other words which I didn't understand. I did get that he told her she needs to get off at the next stop. She soon got up and left. I didn't see her anymore but I kept thinking about her.....'you could/should have given her that chocolate pretzel.' Moment to help someone passed you by.

About an hour later the conductors start speaking by intercom. Our train will be stopping ahead of schedule, due to a break in the electricity. Everyone needs to get out and find another train to get to Zürich....yay. I don't really know yet how nor how long it will take me to get back home.

I get off, along with tons of others. We all walk to the next train that could take us to our destination. Suddenly I think, 'I'll take the next one to Zürich. This ones probably gonna be packed full of upset passengers!'

Half an hour later, I happily get into a train that will take me where I need to go. Fabulously, I find a single seat. I don't need to share with anyone.

I check out my surroundings, looking to the side and front of me. Up ahead of me....two seats ahead of me, I notice a yoga mat.

My bag still has that one chocolate pretzel, 'This is your last chance.'

Getting up, I bring it finally to her. Because we don't speak the same language, I just put my hand to my mouth. She accepts and says through sad, crystal blue eyes, 'merci.'

P.s. This story is true. Of course my mind tried making sense of it. What's the chance? She got off our first train way before me,  most likely more than an hour. Then that train stopped somewhere else, and everyone needed to take a different one. Though, I decided on one that was atleast 30minutes later. And I end up sitting in the same exact carriage that this lady happens to also coincidentally be sitting in.

P.S. Arrive in Zürich, in an underground, indoor arrival platform. I walk upstairs to find my final train home, happening to notice that my t-shirt sleeve is a bit strange. I pull it to straighten it out and find a Bumblebee in/on my sleeve. I don't know how long it's been hanging on...train ride? Short walk? 

Hahaaa....those are my adventures for today!

What kind of encounters or days have you had that didn't make a lot of 'sense' to you? I want to hear your experiences!