1:1 Coaching

The Manifestation Coaches offer one-to-one coaching to help you reach the level of success you desire with their guidance.


Thomas offers Mindset Transformation Coaching

Thomas' primary focus is in empowering his clients to discover, take action and achieve the goals they set for themselves for a more fulfilling existence that is true to who they are.

PrisCilla Offers Energy Transformation Coaching

PrisCilla helps her clients to tap into their innate abilities of intuition and natural talents in order to step forward into living the lives that they passionately choose to live.

What are the benefits of Coaching?

Addressing self-limiting beliefs about yourself and what might be holding you back.

Overcoming obstacles enabling you to move forward with support and facilitating the change needed.

Gaining a new perspective and an alternative outlook that you may have never considered.

Discovering clarity of purpose to find what is right for you or to take action to find more balance in your life.

Building healthy habits by letting go of habits that no longer serve you and replacing them with healthy and sustainable habits

Increasing motivation and being accountable for the actions you have committed to take between sessions

Improving time management by building a schedule that suits you and your style of getting work done

Trying new things through empowerment and encouragement the coach will expand your horizons

Creating action plans to clarify and take the steps needed to reach your desired goals

Increasing productivity and focus with goals, exercises and plans laid out you will gain the energy and drive to  work towards and accomplish something tangible

What is expected of the client?

In order for this to work there are certain details expected from our clients:

Serious about wanting to change - we are here to facilitate our clients to take action however our clients add an increased level of resistance to taking action they are placing limits on their own growth

Ready to manage and challenge - the negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors and actions that have held you back 

Prepared to try out new ideas - or ways of doing things that are outside of your comfort zone which may be necessary in moving you forward.

Prepared to listen to feedback - and act upon it if appropriate to do so

Prepared to spend time between sessions - working on any action plans set between you and your coach

How long do sessions last?

Each session is 1 hour and we would usually have 4-8 sessions with our clients. This depends on the client, how much progress they are making, what suits them best and their availability.

An action period between sessions is usually 1-2 weeks but again this is dependent on the client's needs so an individual schedule will be created that best suits you the client.

All Coaching sessions are pre-booked in advance with a minimum notice period of 48 hrs, all sessions are via Zoom unless stated otherwise.

The Manifestation Coaches also provide a 6-session coaching package at a reduced rate. Please contact them via email for more information.