Hello Passionate Soul

The Journey of How I Stepped into My Flow
My name is PrisCilla and I am an Empowerment & Spirit Coach, Reiki Teacher/Master, and Akashic Records Reader to empaths, sensitive souls and heart-based entrepreneurs. 
It took me many years to realise that I am an empath who ´feels´ energy. Multiple uncomfortable experiences led me on a path to understanding my energetic world better. Through my wish to take charge of what I was energetically feeling, and the wish to feel energetically empowered - I began my journey of learning Reiki.
As I began to learn Reiki, I realised that it was something that came natural to me. When I first ventured to learn, I had planned to only use Reiki to give private sessions to clients. In the back of my mind though, the words of my Reiki Teacher kept repeating, `Who knows? Maybe one day you would like to teach?` To be honest, I did not want to teach others - I learned later that this was a topic of mine that I had to work through - feeling empowered and self-confident that others actually wanted to learn what I knew.
And so, one day out of the blue, I felt a strong urge come over me: Teach. I felt it and I could swear that I also heard it: Teach. Just as quickly that I felt this sudden epiphany come over me, I tried to push it away. ´I don't Want to Teach. I am not Good Enough. No.` This became a very important part of my Reiki journey. I eventually allowed myself to surrender to the pull - was this coming from myself or was this perhaps a collective need which was calling to be filled?
Soon after, I called my Reiki Teacher and told her that I was ready to take my studies further. I was ready to go forward and step into becoming a teacher, and eventual master of Reiki.
My studies and personal growth have led me to be a more true and authentic version of myself - who also helps guide and support others along their own journeys. Today, I am not only a Reiki Master/Teacher, but also a Spirit & Biz Coach, and Akashic Records Reader. 
Everything that I have learned along my journey has become a tool for me to help others with -  for what do we learn, if we do not share it with others?
I help Passionate Souls:
  • step into their empowered self and become catalysts for ´healing´ for others
  • integrate, accept, and flourish with their feminine self
  • stride through the `dark night of the soul´ in trust and love
  • discover and develop their Soul Gifts and Talents
  • use their Soul Gifts to become their own boss
  • grow their business 

I deeply believe that we all contribute to the Whole Picture.


We just need to decide How!




Work & learn with me below

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