The Journey of How I Stepped into My Flow
My name is PrisCilla and I am an Empowerment & Spirit Coach, Reiki Teacher/Master, and Akashic Records Reader to empaths, sensitive souls and Soulpreneurs. 
I guide you to:
  • step into your empowered self and become a catalysts of ´healing´ for others
  • learn how to provide reiki care for yourself and your family
  • step onto your Soul Path in confidence
  • be confident with your Soul Gifts & Talents
  • use your Soul Gifts to become a Soulpreneur

Have you ever asked yourself, `Who Am I and What am I here for?`Or perhaps you have an idea but you´re just not sure of how you can bring it into your present reality!

  • You resonate with the idea of guiding others to heal
  • You feel called to begin healing yourself and generational traumas
  • You know that there is ´something´ beautiful within you that you are meant to share with others
  • You know what your Soul Gifts but want to feel more confident in using them
  • You envision a future of being a Soulpreneur and are ready to begin 


A Journey

I have guided and mentored students and clients around the world to step into and follow their inner calling, with confidence and trust.

Your #1 spiritual cheerleader who has been through moments of frustration, lack of confidence and uncertainty - but KNEW that before she could help others, she had to learn how to help herself!

The more I learned how to:

  • care for myself energetically as an empath
  • develop and trust my intuition
  • step into my power - masculinity
  • embrace my ability of receiving - femininity

...the more I have been able to support others on their own journeys!

What you will find at the Passionate Soul

Here at The Passionate Soul you will find:

  • Online Reiki Courses
  • Energetic Alignment Sessions
  • P.S. Business Academy
  • P.S. Manifesting
  • Affirmations & Meditations
  • ...and so much more