Reiki Courses

Learn Reiki in Switzerland, Reiki Schweiz Lernen

Interested in:

  • Giving yourself, kids, family, friends, and pets Reiki Sessions
  • Naturally supporting the health and wellbeing of your family
  • Assisting others on their personal path of mental, body, and spirit balance
  • Energetic Work and Therapies 
  • Had the feeling that you could do much more with your hands
  • Found yourself wanting to help others feel better

This was all me. Unfortunately, before I learned the art of Reiki, I didn’t realize that I was using too much of my personal energy. I was unconsciously trying to alleviate the problems and symptoms of people around me - to the detriment of my own health and well-being.

I learned:
  • How to keep my energy more grounded in my body
  • How to channel Source Energy* (which is abundant), instead of my own
  • To begin listening, developing, and trusting my intuition
I experience more:
  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Inner Drive
  • Connectedness 
Can now: 
  • help to alleviate symptoms of discomfort in my kids when sick or hurt
  • give my kids tips on how to maintain their own energy in a healthy way

*Source Energy, God Energy, Goddess Energy, Creator Energy, Divine Energy - I am Religion Neutral. I don’t belong to a religion and I choose to remain that way. I use words that I feel most people will understand. 

All courses are in Switzerland. Courses to be taken one after the other.

Between family life, work, and integrating what I had learned, I personally needed a few months in between taking courses. So allow yourself time, at least a few months before booking your next course.
 A comfortable and very personal one-on-one learning experience, with many opportunities to practice and build up confidence.
Workshops can range from 1-5 students.