Reiki Level 1

10:30 - 14:30 (can be longer)

Learn Reiki Switzerland, Reiki Schweiz



Workshop price includes: 

  • Coffee, tea, light lunch, and snacks 
  • Handouts 
  • Attunement/Initiation 
  • Certificate of Completion 

Course Price:


Reiki I Workshop:
  • Learn how to give Sessions to yourself, kids, family, and friends
  • Learn tips on how to ground yourself
  • Learn tips on how to balance your own energy


After learning the basics of the Traditional practice of Reiki, it’s history, and the receiving of your Attunement, we will continue with an intense hands on learning and practice. 

Learn how to provide Energetic Support to yourself, children, family, and friends. In a relaxed atmosphere, within a small group, I teach you that learning Reiki is a lot easier than many believe. Reiki is one of the simplest therapies that we can learn and immediately put to use.


As mothers and caregivers, our intuition often moves us to place our hands on the knee of a fallen child - bringing comfort and balance. The use of our hands, and touch is an instinctual way of providing feelings of ‘wellness’. By learning Reiki, we become more aware of what our hands are capable of, and of how we can direct this energy to the assistance of states of balance. 


As a mother, I have used this art countless amounts of times with myself, my children, cats, friends, and family.


These courses are especially for people who are around children:







You Will:


Learn how to clear the Energy Field

Learn the steps of a Reiki Session

Learn how to Ground Energy

Learn how to properly finish a Session

Learn Reiki for on-the-go (especially for children)


Dress comfortably and be open. 

Snacks and drinks are provided.


I’m an Americana, who’s been living in Switzerland for the past 20 years. I speak English, Schwiizer Deutsch, and a bit of Spanish. Workshops are held in English, and where needed, I provide translation.

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