Reiki Energy Sessions have many benefits:

  • The body and mind often experience a deep state of relaxation, often leading to better sleep
  • The general sense of well-being is uplifted
  • Uplifted well-being equals boosted mood
  • Through the body and mind to finding deeper rest, the body then can begin to experience faster recovery
  • Balancing of emotions
  • Balanced energy centers - Chakras
  • A sense of grounding in the physical body
  • A growing sense of inner strength and peace
  • Awakening and rebalancing of sexual energy
  • Awakening and rebalancing of heart energy

Plus so much more!


Everyone is different and has their own experiences they are going through, therefore nothing can be placed under a general umbrella for everyone. The greatest benefit of receiving a Reiki Energy Session is that it is a form of therapy which uses pure healing energy. Where and how that energy most needs to work, is what the receiver will receive.


And that's beautiful!