What are The Akashic Records?

Every soul has a story. The Akashic Records can be symbolically thought of as The Story of your Soul. Like a computer database, soul experiences are stored within the Akashic Records and can be ´read´ from to provide insight, understanding, and clarity on our journey. All experiences through every lifetime are stored within and can be accessed when needed.


  • In various translations, the word Akasha means from the Ethers and or the Upper Sky.
  • Reading from the Akashic Records can help us heal and transform through unconscious blocks by helping to bring understanding and clarity to the situation(s) causing them.

Who is a Reading for?

An Akashic Record Reading is for anyone who feels they are ready and would like to find out more about their:


  • Soul Gifts and Talents
  • Soul Trainings
  • Soul Origin
  • Most Influential Energies
  • Life Lessons
  • Influential Past Life Experiences 

Questions you can ask

  1. What are my soul gifts and talents?
  2. How can I better align with my soul gifts and talents?
  3. How can I live my soul purpose aligned with financial abundance?
  4. Where does this health issue/pattern originate from?
  5. What am I learning from relationships?
  6. How can I use my soul talents to assist others?
  7. What are my Empath gifts?
  8. How can I set and enforce healthy boundaries in my life?
  9. What areas should I focus my attention on this year?


Let's Begin

To tap into your Akashic Records I will need:


  • Your full name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your name at birth
  • Location of Birth
  • Present day photo 


This will help me tap into your personal Records, making sure that the information I receive and pick up on pertains to only you.


After your Akashic Record reading is complete, you will receive an audio file of your reading and personalised Alignment Affirmation.


Send the above information to:


My Email Address