The Passionate Soul Within

You resonate with being an Empath.

You feel so much.


Stepping into The Passionate Soul within, is integrating your Higher Self.


Years of conditioning and various lifetime experiences can contribute to living a life of feeling disconnected.


We don’t need to always feel that way!


Passionate Soul, this is our time to bring in more and more of our Higher Self - our True Self.


I’ve created the ‘Passionate Soul Alignment’ for those who are ready to step into The Passionate Soul within! The Passionate Soul Alignment Session is a detailed Akashic Record reading and Energy Alignment Session.


Find out your:

  • Soul Gifts and Talents
  • Soul Trainings
  • Soul Origin
  • Most Influential Energies
  • Life Lessons
  • Influential Past Life Experiences 
  • 3 Questions
  • Energy Alignment Session

Full and detailed Akashic Record reading and Energy Alignment Session to help activate and integrate your personal Soul Blueprint. You will receive an audio file and detailed PDF of your reading after completion which can take up-to 2 weeks.