Learn Reiki from Home
Learn All Reiki Levels at Home

Many of us are ready to learn (remember) that we can make ourselves feel better, as well as provide what we’ve learned to others who haven’t, or aren’t yet ready to learn for themselves.


Reiki has been very impactful on my path as an Empath. I only wish I had learned it earlier in life. But, as we all are learning, everything happens at the perfect time, when we are fully ready.
My goal here is to make Learning Reiki available to as many as possible - the ones who are ready and feel the call to learn.
Learn Reiki on-line
Learn Reiki online

Learn all levels of Reiki in this comprehensive and easy Reiki home study program. 

  • Before purchasing this Reiki Course Package - Do Be Sure That You Have Enough Space In Your Computer - this is a big bundle!

With the purchase of this package of all the Reiki Courses and levels, you will also be meeting with your Reiki Teacher, PrisCilla on an online Zoom call. During our live call, you will show what you have learned and integrated through out your self-study course.

After completion and notifying your Teacher, you will receive all of your certificates in the mail.

Welcome to the world of Reiki!

I am looking forward to working with you energetically!