The Passionate Soul Business Academy

Empaths and Lightworkers

  • Ready to use your gifts to create your Kick §ss Passionate Soul Business?
  • Start charging so you can feel Abundant
  • Learn how to create a plan that doesn’t leave you Burntout
  • Learn how to attract more than enough clients who love what you do

Hi, my name is PrisCilla Wauch and I am Intuitive Empath Energy Coach - AKA The Empath Empowerer. My passion is coaching Empaths through the transformation of Sensitive Soul to Passionate Soul, in both their personal and business lives.


Create and Build Your Heart Based Business - Online Now

  • You want to transform your offers and services to the online space
  • You want to attract more than enough clients who appreciate what you offer
  • You want to create a business format that you feel recharged - not burnt-out
  • You have wanted to create and build your heart based business but didn't know how
  • You want to be independent and free, doing more of what you love

Join us as we go through:

  • How to create a heart based business that attracts more than enough clients you love working with
  • How to re-do your current business so that you feel empowered
  • How to maintain your high vibe while doing what you love