My Akashic Records Reading

For the first time, I had an experience with an Akashic Record reading and healing. I would like to share some of the experience with you.
The day before my Skype video session, I felt extreme irritation, annoyance, everything was getting under my skin. I was in a bad mood and the people who see my normally cheery self, were asking me what was wrong. It was an absolute 'UGH' day. I'm thankful for those two friends. For the hugs and just letting me bask in the feeling that someone's got my back.
That night I ended up working at the Bistro, and felt like the feelings were getting back to normal. The next morning rolled around, time for my appointment by video! I was a bit tired from working a late shift and having to get up early to get the kids off to school.....needless to say, I was still quite curious about the appointment.
And so, we started. During the session I felt like I was taking a lot of information in. And trying to 'remember' a lot. Various aspects of my present personality were mentioned, along with the tracking back that many of my present patterns possibly developed from other existences. 
I must hit rewind and explain a bit of myself...
I was a little girl when the movie E.T. came out. I remember after watching it, drawing a picture of a UFO (unidentified flying object), and E.T.  When I was about 10 years old I seriously, with all of my emotions, looked up at the stars and wondered where the heck 'they' were, when I was down here. When I was a fresh teenager, I would think that I would see lights in the night sky. I also had quite a few dreams surrounding that house we lived in, and being visited in the garden. By the time I was transitioning to move to Switzerland, I had more dreams of being on a spaceship, traveling around. Of course, it seems like all my life, since I've heard of 'aliens' I've tried to soak up as much information. I also, thankfully learned to not trust everything I read, but to listen to my own antennae of what feels right.
Approximately two years ago, when I decided it was time to go forward with whatever it is that I came here for, I discovered the author Dolores Cannon. I ordered 5 or 6 books and read them the fastest I have ever read 500-600 page books. People were taping into their own information of other places.  Some of the information brought me to tears. But I started realizing that so much more is possible than what we have allowed ourselves to believe.
Back to the session. Another time, another place. Time to let it go and allow that which was, to transition into that which it can be. That night, for the first time in a very long time, I felt scared.* I felt like I wasn't alone in my room...but I didn't know who/what it was. I actually felt like I used to as a little girl, requesting that my mom turn my nightlight on. So that night I fell asleep with my table lamp on. I believe the following night, when I began to read out loud some releasing verses, the radiator suddenly started making really loud noises. I mean really, obnoxiously loud banging noises, which I've never heard in the 5 years I've been living here. So I told them to stop. It continued until I said it a few times, very strongly (really meaning what I said). Eventually I slept. A few nights later I had two intense dreams. With one of them definitely having to do with an experience somewhere else. 
As this session was not so long ago, I'm actually very much in the midst of this process. I have noticed that some of the previous patterns are starting to change, I'm reacting slightly differently than I used to. I will allow myself patience for these processes. 
*I tend to feel and not see. Sometimes, with eyes closed (during meditation, or light sleep, for example) I spontaneously might see.  On this particular night I was not ready to close my eyes. Ha.


Have you had an Akashic Record Reading?

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