Compliment Challenge #5

The day before yesterday, I started calling in my own Masculine Energy.


In order to feel balanced and the master of our/my happiness and independence - both Feminine and Masculine Energies need to come into balance. Or maybe we are allowed to Call upon these energies when we see and feel that a situation could use that side of yourself - it depends I guess.


So my wording, ‘I call upon and integrate, in a balanced way - my stream of Masculininity.’


This exercise is helping me recognize my worth, and get in touch with aspects of myself that I’ve been long disconnected from. 


I say ‘disconnected’ from because everything we believe we want - or we think ‘ohhh I need to be Stronger in that area’ - already EXISTS within us.


How beautiful it is to remember that?



Last but not least, today is my 5th day of:




  1. I am so proud of myself for the transformations of the last 3 years. Like, extremely. I did so many things out of my zone of comfort - from baby steps (driving in the snow, and driving to France on my own) to making major life changing decisions (taking the initiative to transform a 10 year relationship to a healthier version for our family). 


Saying Yes to the Happiness that I am here to experience. Allowing that which doesn’t align with my highest good to fall away, says yes to acknowledging: I am Meant to be Happy.


I Am Worth Being Happy

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