After the ‘stay home from school day’, we had a weekend of fevers. 

I’m thankful that my Father-in-law was a homeopath. Thanks to his influence, I often turn to homeopathic remedies for many physical or emotional symptoms.

This weekend:


Bachflower Remedies

Essential Oils

Energetic Clearing


Lots of water

Turmeric Tea

Detox Tea

Tea Tree Oil

Did you know that we often experience ‘sickness’ when we’re going through a transformation - shedding of the old?

Allowing yourself to go through it, with the least ‘medication’ as possible allows the breakthrough to occur - not suppress it. *it doesn’t surprise me that we’re experiencing this now. Lots of people are coming down with Flu’s and this week is a Full Moon.

In general, I am aware that A Lot of releasing is occurring on many levels - for this entire year. I feel that what we may not have been able to release in 2017, may find a chance in 2018. 

It’s our year to make space - clear out - to Allow more of what we Do Want💖