Love, Like A Bird

The topic of this week, in my outer world interactions 😉 has been Love, once again. 





First off, we don’t need anyone else to be happy. If we are open to being in a wonderful relationship that is the perfect Vibe for us - when the time is right - then it’s time to get happy. 

You Want To Attract Other Happy People In Your Field

Get Happy 

You’re Happy = The Guy or Gal is Happy = More Co-creating Awesomeness 

Love does not 'belong' to me.

It is all of ours - to share

Loving yourself = an ultimate act of Love

Love, a free flowing spirit. Does not want to be in a cage. Does not want to be a prisoner.

Like water flowing down a stream, love wants to Flow. Love is Joy. Love is....

Every smile - Love

Every hug - Love

Every touch - Love