Accepting Sexuality

Well, Hot Dog...we’re all Sexual Creatures. We came to this world through the Power of Sexuality.

I made a journey that had me learn to accept my sexuality and sexual power. 

I was afraid of being seen, attracting attention

I wore extremely big clothes to school

I was very shy and insecure

And then I started Healing

Sometimes we need a guiding hand, I Know.....someone who’s made similar experiences and has made it through the other side.

My wish, as I got older:

I want to feel my inner freedom to dance freely again

I want to fully let go and fully receive sexual energy from my partner

I’m serious, these were my goals.

In order to ‘protect’ my very hurt self - I blocked it all. 

I no longer danced and I Never had an Orgasm from penetration*.

I thought that was normal.

It’s not.

Transforming and Healing Sets You Free 

I’m not a Sexuality Guru - I’m just a lady who’s been through some stuff, with the plan to help others who are making similar experiences.

Everything I’ve ever been through, experienced, and learned how to transform, propels me in the work I do💖

(*Yeah, it’s a lot of information.... it’s important enough to be spoken about Out Loud....for all the ones who Are going through stuff like this to know that they’re not alone.)

Mucho Love,