Realise Your Passion

3 years ago I began a journey of rediscovering myself. 


Free from all outer ideas and beliefs of who I Should Be.


I began asking myself:


What IS my Passion?

What do I love to do? 

Independent of $$$, what would I still do?

What comes naturally to me?


Reflecting on my answers, I began to realize my true Passion. This something that already pulsed through my veins during childhood.


My Passion = What I came here to do


Who’s to say we shouldn’t create our own job, living, creating, and experiencing our Passion?


No matter what ‘job’ you’re doing now - Hello Partime Job, Fulltime Job, STAHM - finding and getting in touch with Your Passion is for YOU.


Your gift to yourself!


Tapping into, connecting, and making steps to Live your Passion - will Ignite the Courage of those around you to also discover their Passion.


I know, I know:


‘But PrisCilla, your work is Energetic Sessions.’

Yea, that’s one of the things I do. Helping to release ‘Energetic patterns’ that are ready to be transformed and freed up.
My Passion is to help my fellow peeps remember how wonderful they are. Remember that they are capable of doing what brings them Joy.

What IS your Passion?

What do You love to do? 

Independent of $$$, what would you still do?

What comes naturally to you?