Be Your Own Secret Admirer

I saw a man I know standing near the flower shop. And then I laughed, ‘ I thought you were thinking about bringing your wife some!’ 

After a long conversation with him, I thought about getting some for myself:

‘Nah, you don’t need it. It costs $$$....blah blah blah.’

And then I remembered, I almost Always advise my friends to get themselves flowers every once in awhile.


A decadent piece of chocolate

A beautiful undergarment set

Something to nourish their Soul.

And yet, here I was attempting to deny myself.

Lady....You Deserve It!

You often think about others.

You care for the emotional needs of your friends and family.

Maybe you hope that That Special Partner will think of you often...and remember to get you flowers.

Wishing for someone else to remember us, admire us, take care of our emotional needs for us.

Your Secret Admirer doesn’t have to be so Secret anymore.

Get yourself those Flowers

Savor that piece of Swiss Chocolate 😜

Admire yourself in that Lacy piece

....I got myself those Flowers....