My Reiki Journey


As long as I can remember, I have felt a lot of sensations and emotions - strongly. I was often called a hypochondriac with my mom bringing me to Doctors appointments, describing my ailment, only for the doctor to let her know that I was perfectly healthy! Needless to say, I began to distrust doctors at an early age. I was feeling something and nobody had a clue what it was, not even the doctor. Frustrating, yes but absolutely necessary for my path. I learned to listen more and more to myself, acknowledging emotional meanings of physical symptoms, and realized that some were symptoms I felt from others.

Fast forward many years, fast forward through many life experiences. I was pregnant with my first born and we were attempting to choose names. Together we put together a long list of names. Several times I would sit with that list, pondering the best name for the baby boy who would soon join us. The first time I thought strongly about one specific name. The second and third times were followed up by me 'seeing' this same name, in Neon flashing letters - like a store sign, in my minds eye! Yes, I was surprised but soon realized that he must really want this specific name.

After our intense birth experience, a path of intense healing began. The interesting thing is that often women can go through a certain type of spiritual awakening during their journey of motherhood. Eventually I asked myself, during the 'Dark Times', where and on what would I like to focus on? My Spirituality was my answer. I wanted to learn to acknowledge and embrace all parts of my being, both the dark and light pieces.

Soon afterwards I began to crave Japanese Food. It didn't make sense. Yes, I love sushi but this craving was more than a wanting for sushi. I wanted and needed to find a Japanese cookbook. I wanted to cook Japanese food.....ASAP. It was intense and a bit unexplainable to me. So I researched and read reviews on different Japanese cookbooks, finally deciding on one that I could easily order in Switzerland. I was pleased when it came in, beautiful pictures and ingredients I could find here. But somehow something still wasn't satisfied inside me.

So, one day I saw an offer to ask ones guides if and what their talent could be. Bingoooo, home run, score..... what was emailed to me made sense. While reading I started crying (big deal for me because for many years I didn't let myself show me a picture of a puppy with a hurt foot, tears!) Days and weeks later, as I let the information sink through, I reflected on times in my life where spirit practically waved arms in my face, while jumping up and down. I was a 'hypochondriac', which can be a help to being sensitive to others energies (both in body and not in body). I sometimes had dreams that came true, a big help now when I have a client and I clearly see that it pertains to them. I sometimes saw pictures in my mind, thinking it was my imagination - helpful now when I am able to 'see' something that helps a client on their path. There were so many clues. And then the logical mind tries to make the best sense out of Anything. I mean, of course all other things which cannot be explained, are Scaryy and don't really make much sense. So, I looked over that email (many times in fact). Here's where the humor comes in: a guide who came through, presented themself as an animal, with a piece of clothing on, plus an accessory, while eating something healthy (hi, little clue to change ones diet). In many corners of our house (in this case, one specific corner), I have various papers and books to read later. The description of this guide sounded extremely familiar. So I looked through this one specific pile and found one of the kids books, right next to a place I sit Every Single Day. Same piece of clothing, same color, same described posture....just missing that accessory. Logic?

Eventually I started a mad research of what the heck I should do. What Do I want to do? Why don't they just let me know exactly the Name of what I Should do? I'm smiling now, because I realize that's not how it works. And so, one day I stumble upon information about Reiki. Interested, I continue reading through...and then, I start crying again. I was reading about the founder. I read the whole article, then I scrolled back to the top of the page again, where his picture was. That same accessory...

Logic? Where you at Now?

Once I decided to learn about Reiki and to start practicing it to help as many as possible, one thing after the other fell into place. I mentioned it to a friend (with no idea why) and she just 'happened' to know of someone here, who could teach me. And so I started. While I was learning with my Reiki Teacher, I felt it was all so familiar. Like I just needed to remember it all, all over again. 

Now a days I am able to give myself and family Sessions right when needed. And of course, I am loving every Session with clients in person and from far away.

*Now I know, accept and respect the help of doctors. Let's say I am a more enabled patient when I do go, or if I need to bring my children to one. There are many doctors who are now embracing a more holistic approach to their field.