Shout out to Psychics

Shout out to the ‘psychics’ who write about their experiences.


It’s exactly one of the things we need. By writing about your ‘process’, you’re helping someone else who might feel scared and confused, finding themselves experiencing ‘a new and foreign world’.


You know what I mean?


Some of us can’t yet afford going through extensive training to calm the feelings of sudden unexplainable anxiety, physical sensations, sounds, visions, etc. let alone, learning how to decipher from where/who we are ‘feeling’ from. I know, because I was one of them.


When you suddenly find yourself experiencing totally new experiences through your world of senses - it Can be scary at first.


For myself, my Dreamtime was something I was used to. I could grasp and accept that sometimes my dreams predicted situations, brought me into contact with those recently crossed over, or helped me transform emotional stories. But when my ‘dreamtime’ seemed to be ‘mixing’ up with my physical life a little bit more than what I was used to - I found myself freaking out.....quite a bit.



More kids are coming in sensitive, so parents, they need to hear your stories. Teenagers and young adults might not have a clue as to what they’re experiencing. Our fellow ‘sensitives’ need to hear it all normalized and have a feeling that they’re not alone.


Because one way or another, we’re all going to make it through this process eventually.


Mucho Love,