Challenge of being an Empath

Waking up from dreams crying, feeling sudden intense sadness.

Before an empath realizes what and from where the feelings are coming from....these experiences can be nerve racking.


At the present time, we are collectively releasing A lot. Meaning lots of us might be Feeling it - it’s NOW that we feel that we’re ready to release these heavy feelings.


When we Feel and Observe, we might have less chances of getting Lost in the Feelings and we’ll be able to offer Lightness to the Emotions.


When most heartaches and malaise stem from a feeling of a Lack of Love... 


We send Love

As much as we can


You don’t have to ‘know’ what you’re doing - or have some certificate in your hand saying you studied this and this. Follow your instinct....your intuition.


You Can Send Healing Love Energy 

To our Past, our Present, and Future


But for now, let’s work on the Present


So I invite you, this night before going to bed, to send some Love Vibes out to whoever might need it. 


Call for backup from the Highest Good, say a Prayer, send an Energetic Session Out - whatever Your Version is - is the Best💖


Mucho Love my Peeps,