Reiki directs Universal Energy to where it’s most needed, to the benefit of the recipient. It is Energetic Support for our present High and Fast paced lives, often full of demands from many directions. 


During a time when:

  • many of our children are put under labels 
  • many of us experience allergies and numerous digestive problems 
  • many of us experience burn outs and depression 
  • The list goes on 
....we have to start looking at things from a different perspective:
  • Beginning to care for our Energetic Selves.
  • Beginning to teach our children, the next generation, how They can start caring for their Energetic Selves and Energy Bodies. 
This is why, through the journey of being a mother to a labeled child, I set out to teach Reiki to as many caregivers as possible. It’s important that we provide this to our children. It’s important for ourselves and our families.


Sessions can be Face to Face, or sent - regardless the distance. Working with Energy, Intent, and a lot of Visualization, the benefits of both types of Sessions can be felt:


Inner Calm

A sense of Peace



There is much more I could add, but what You actually experience may be totally different from what someone else does. Each path is different, with different ways of expressing our life learning processes.