Too Sensitive

If you grew up hearing that and believing it, remember this:


Those sensitivities can help us ‘relate’ to others.*




Because of an ability to ‘relate’ to the person before you - on an unseen level.


Picking up, feeling, sensing, hearing, and ‘knowing’ through your sensitivities - can possibly offer the most helpful catalyst that someone needs.


Turning this belief around and accepting our ‘sensitivities’ as strengths, can help us step into our inner power.


Being ‘sensitive’ is far from a weakness, in fact, it’s just what we need more of.


*maybe, another idea: it’s also a tool for us to relate to Ourselves. When we’re also ‘sensitive’ towards ourselves we:


See, feel, hear, or know our own needs and also fulfil exactly what is needed.


Not only focusing on our sensitivities towards others, outside of ourselves - but also within, to and for ourselves.


But then, there is the idea and feeling that just the word in itself brings up in us. We’ve had so many years of hearing and believing that it is a sign of weakness.

  •  Sensitive
  • I Feel Sensitive
  • You are Sensitive
  • Don’t be so Sensitive
  • Compassion
  • I Feel Compassion
  • You are Compassionate
  • Don’t be so Compassionate (said no one)

Maybe our sensitivities can be thought as our compassion towards ourselves and others. Emotionally, physically, visually, audibly, and or Energetically we’re picking up information from each other. Which, I see it as sharing information with each other.


“Hey brother, sister spirit stream - I have this and this emotion that I’m still working on. It’s kind of still blocking me reaching my original awesomeness. Maybe in our interaction together, you are able to remind me of this, through something you say or do.”


I greatly believe that our natural forms of relating to each other have been so lost, that when they start coming back online, it’ll seem like we’re all gifted with super-powers. We’re not really. What we’re doing is waking up to our natural ways of relating to our fellow sisters and brothers.


“Why do you allow yourself to be ‘so sensitive’?” someone once asked me. I answered something along the lines of, ‘why would I not?’ Sure, at times I feel and have felt some form of discomfort, which I like to think of as my practice rounds - until I am able to stay neutral enough where I can Observe, Acknowledge, and Release the information.


Ways that being sensitive affected me in childhood

  • If I had a teacher who I could not relate to, I had a difficult time learning from them.
  • Jokes told by adults, sometimes had me in tears. ‘If you eat watermelon seeds - they will grow inside you!’
  • Strongly relating to historical events that I would experience flashbacks, dreams, and emotions to that time of history. Not fun while reading the ‘Diary of Anne Frank’, and various other events of the Holocaust. (Coincidence that I live in Switzerland?)
  • Strongly ‘provoking’ those around me - feeling what still needed to be brought to the surface and unconsciously finding a way to bring it up to the surface.

Ways that being sensitive has affected me recently 

  • I have noticed the time and energy I use to understand the rhythm and pulse of new scenarios, situations, and people.
  • I’m getting better at remaining neutral and poker-faced, when I sense a surprising emotion during encounters.
  • Traveling to different places is enjoyable when I ‘feel’ the unique vibe of each place. Dreamtime while I travel is interesting - being highly influenced by the new place.
  • Being able to take naps and sleep enough, is really important, helping me recharge and reconnect - through Dreams.

I could go on and on about our natural way of being - so connected that we are like open books, where we are not hidden behind barriers of hurt, shame, and guilt - but then I’d just be telling you my version.


What do you think about sensitivities? Have you noticed that different senses have turned on? How does it affect your work environment? How does being ‘sensitive’ affect your relationship or family life?


The more we talk about it....the less ‘strange’ it’ll be to the person who’s just newly opening up.