Energetic Bubble Wrap

Beware of calling yourself an empath and feeling like you have to protect yourself from the outside world.


‘A protective Bubble now surrounds you, and everything bounces off of you.’


In my eyes, that means that our interaction with the people and energies around us is purposely being blocked - from our side. Possibly leaving us totally disconnected from the world around us.


And isn’t that what we came here for?


For years, the thought of a hermit in a cave, tugged at the corners of a blanket of memories. Being so connected to above, that the physical world - Here - became unrelatable for the remainder of life. Feeling absolutely content to keep ones own company because no-one else understood being more often ‘connected’ than not.




Is kind of haunting to me. A memory hanging over my head, like a fish on a pole, teasing a cat. 


‘It would be kind of nice, to keep my own company. Letting go of awkward and misunderstood interactions. Staying away from judgements and condemnations.’


I feel safer in my own company


Really though, did we Really come here to be alone? Yeah, we might feel a lot, pick up on tons of unseen information, leaving us feeling like open wounds that constantly keep on getting bumped into - until we learn to feel strong.


Strong with our Sensitivities


When we carry our version of Self so strong and Bright that all of the stuff we used to use protective bubbles for, begin to automatically transform to a higher Vibe - we’re doing exactly what we came to do!


Fully interact with the worlds within and around us. Becoming part of both and all worlds. If we are hermits, wrapped in bubble wrap, we end up only interacting with ourselves - yes, maybe highly connected to our world and friends above....




I truly believe and know, personally, that we need physical as well as emotional interactions with others. I also know that other people need interactions with us too.


Like I’ve said on another blog post


We exchange information with each other, kind of like exchanging codes. All of the information from our experiences is available as energetic information. If we stay only to ourselves, the one who has already learned from those experiences, who else gets the chance to learn from them? Does it, or should it only stop with us?


At times, when we’re freshly coming to terms that we are Empaths/sensitives, we might go through an uncomfortable stage. So much energetic information feeling like its coming into our field, not yet knowing how to let the ‘info’ release in a transformative way.


First off


  • We don’t need to hold on to energetic information that was a part of another persons experience.
  • Remember you are strong. Far from weak. The stuff around us is not out to get us, or suck energy out of us.


Sometimes, particularly if I have a close relationship with a person, I do still feel some form of ‘uncomfortableness’. I’ve found though, if I’m able to find a way to communicate what I feel, it often brings the other person to acknowledge what they are feeling.


Similar to reminding someone that they still have homework to do. ‘Oh, Thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot about that assignment! As soon as I’m finished with it, I can move on to the next one.’


When you’re an Empath/Sensitive and you feel strong


Imagine that your Inner Light is so beautiful vibrant, strong, and full of so much Love that others who cross your path, are reminded of the same within them. Depending on where they are on their paths, this reminder may or may not occur instantly. Whichever way, and whenever it does happen, is always under the best circumstances and timing for their experiences.


When someone crosses our path and is having or had a ‘jacked up’ experience, try encountering them from a place of Loving Neutrality. This means that a ‘taking on’ of another persons woes, emotional hardships, physical uncomfortableness ceases. It just doesn’t happen anymore. You have done a lot of your own Inner Work and Self Empowerment that your Energetic Field is beginning to Vibe a bit Higher. With that, any areas that you may, in the past have had work to do on, are now Crystal Clear. (For example there are no more leakages in your Chakra System - that look for someone else’s energetic input to fill it up or temporarily help it feel better.)


You Are That Crystal Clarity


If you used to feel like 

  • A place is haunted
  • Heavy vibes in areas or from people
  • Energetic Sucker-Uppers


Think about it. Why might they even exists? 


One reason might be that you’re feeling and are aware of an energetic ‘something’ that is ready to find a way to transform towards healing. Because your ‘Light is Bright’, you notice that which also has a wish to come back to its own ‘Brightness’. Remember, your ‘Light is Bright’, and if a transformative sentence or picture flows through your Intuition - use it. Send it forwards to them/that energy and let it be, let it go. You don’t need to hold onto it and carry it with you.


Some sentences I’ve used in the assisting of Transformations


  • Your family and loved ones are waiting for you. They are ready to assist you. You are now with God and you are deeply Loved
  • You are free now
  • You are Loved
  • You are Forgiven and can now Forgive yourself
  • Thank you for all that you have done
  • You are Safe
  • You are surrounded by Love
  • You are now with Papa Dios
  • You are with your family and the ones you Love, and you are now being taken care of
  • You are surrounded and embraced by Loving Light
  • Now it is time to move on. You are now free to move on, for your Highest Good


Maybe you won’t hear a ‘Thanks’, but believe me, their True Self is Thanking you for being strong enough in being You. For being courageous enough to give a voice to something unseen, and sharing it. When the experience is connected to something/someone who is not in a physical body, or standing before you - you will probably still feel a sense of Gratitude being sent to you.


Gratitude is a far more ‘soulfully nourishing’ Vibe than Energetic Bubble-Wrap.



Thank You, for coming out of The Cave.


Much Love,


What do you think about ‘Energetic Protection’ and ‘Shields’? Have you ever felt Vibes that had you feeling uncomfortable?

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