Healthy Boundaries as a Process

Learning to stand up for yourself is a process.


Embracing that you are worth so much Love, you begin to realize that all of the Love You Give Out - is the same that you should start giving yourself.


Healthy Boundaries come into play when people or situations come into your field, reflecting old patterns.


Because you are now fully aware of, feel and radiate your beautiful worth, there may be times where you find yourself saying, ‘No, I don’t accept that anymore.’  May it be types of people in your field, the type of work you accept into your life, or the kinds of lovers and partners you embrace into your experience.


It’s alright, in fact - freaking Beautiful to admit to yourself, ‘I’m done with that. I’ve experienced that for long enough and now I’m ready to make space for beautiful, loving, and joyful opportunities!’


We can often go through a lifetime of accepting that life happens a certain way, because we grew up with it that way and have become accustomed to it. We become so used to it that we forget that there are Other Ways. Happier ways!


Back to the idea of boundaries


Healthy, Nourishing Boundaries can come into play when you notice those playing out - old patterns, popping up again. And you begin to feel good and stand by saying, ‘No.’ Because you’re standing up for yourself, taking care of yourself, and Loving Yourself....


Our Inner Self Worth is becoming stronger in the realization that everything we believe other wonderful people should have - we are also deserving of. All the Goodness of Life we also very much deserve.


This also means that our Healthy Boundaries become our ‘feelers’ for situations and people who are Vibing somewhere other than what is wonderful, beautiful, magnificent, and joyful for our experience. Our ‘feelers’ begin to lead us into other experiences, and if not yet, then we might be at the point where the old ways are ceasing to affect us.


Healthy Boundaries = Self Love


So many of us are working on Self Love and Self Worth.


When I feel my Inner Strength, Confidence, and Knowingness that I’m worth everything that equals Joy, I notice:


  • Others respecting and accepting my opinions and decisions
  • I Know that I don’t need to justify what I feel, nor my decision
  • I know I am worthy of Joyful Love



The list can go on, but you get the idea. I used to often feel preoccupied by what others were thinking and feeling about myself and the decisions I was making. I was scared of judgement - but perhaps it was myself who was committing the worse judgements of myself. I wasn’t respecting nor loving myself so strongly, that that was what I carried as a Vibe. Of course people and situations were often reflecting that because I was believing:


  • Hey, I’m not worth it
  • Hey, I’m not lovable
  • Hey, I’m unsure of myself


Self Love = Healthy Boundaries


Self Love = I’m Ready to Love myself > by Stepping into My Power


It’s a process that so many of us are presently learning. Perhaps we experienced childhoods that ‘forced’ us to experience these topics. If so, we may have also brought these feelings and beliefs into our adult experience. One fine day, seeming like it all comes to an intense point, finally ‘forcing’ us to put our foot down and say:


I’ve had enough!


I Deserve to be Happy, Cherished, Respected, Loved, have my needs met, and live a Joyful Life. I give that to myself Now.


When we’ve come to a point where our Inner Fire is stimulated towards our wellbeing and happiness....all other versions (older versions) begin to fall away - no longer being attracted into our field.


And then it’s time for us to stay focused. Focused on our happiness. Focused on accepting happy and joyful situations and experiences into our lives. Because sometimes those ‘old patterns’ try to present themselves again, like a test, seeing if you’re really standing in your new Inner Power. It’s okay if every once in a while you find yourself feeling the same emotions as before. Like an old habit, you’re going to train yourself to allow yourself to experience New Awesomeness!


Eventually, almost without realizing, you will begin your New Way and already be living it. One day you might notice, ‘Oh, wow! I just realized I used to respond this and this way to similar situations. And now I’m not. Now I’m able to stand by my decisions, staying in my newly confident feeling, because I’ve learned to Love Myself! I’m so Proud of Myself!’


It’s time:


Pull that Inner Smile Up from beyond your Belly and into Your Heart.


That will stimulate your Fire, bringing it up into your Love Center!


Much Love,