Making Space for Your Journey - A Story

Exactly 3 years ago I began my journey into co-parenting. I moved out of our family ‘house’ & garden (I love gardening) and moved into an apartment. I don’t exaggerate when I say it took a lot of time for me to get used to living in an apartment. This was one of the hardest, darkest journeys I experienced, despite having many in my life - this one was toughest because I wasn’t alone. I had to make a great change, carving a new path for myself, as well as my kids.

This set of crystals and random other pieces was gifted to me by one of our new neighbors. She knew our story, and knows of our family through a mutual friend -hello small town 😉 A few months after moving in and getting to know our new space, she rang my bell and asked me if I like crystals 🔮 

My eyes met hers and my heart began to soften up, ‘I Love Crystals!’ This woman who didn’t know me personally. Who I thought was probably judging me for delving away from being a ‘good wife’, went on to tell me that she had an indoor fountain she wanted to get rid of. She’s been ready to get rid of it and If I liked crystals, she wanted to give it to me - not just to ‘anyone’.

So goes the story of my ‘fountain of crystals’ (I couldn’t get it to work as a babbling water fountain - so filled it with light pebbles and fairy lights instead). These crystals were my welcome gift!

Though I was filled with lots of fear, uncertainty of my future, a wounded heart, lots of anger, and lots of questioning - there was always a Stillness present within.

I’ve come to know this Stillness as I’ve gotten older, and through reflection, I’ve realized it was always present when I’ve been through ‘hard times’. My outer self and outer world, in a seeming jumble of chaos -silently, always in the center was Stillness.

‘Keep on. You’ll be alright. It’s time to go through this - Now.’


‘You are supported.’

When we learn to clear out and clear the space, we make room for the gems to come into our lives! No matter how our experiences of journeys differ, many of us experience moments that push us to make space in our lives. A part of us often refuses to go down without a fight. When we stop fighting -that’s when the beauty has a chance to shine through!

You better believe I cherish these crystals. They came into my life at the perfect time.

Have you gone through something similar, where despite everything seeming like it was in shambles - something or someone helped to remind you that it will be okay? 

You can e-mail me (contact me on Facebook) to let me know if sharing my personal stories is helping in someway.

Much Love,

Make space for your Light,