See, Hear, Feel, & Know - The Gifts

I sometimes feel crossing overs before they happen.

I sometimes feel new pregnancies before the parents have made it public.

I often feel the vibe of different lands when I travel.


I have felt and experienced: 

Touches on the nap of my neck

Banging of cabinet doors

Knocking on doors

Shaking of doors

Appliances spontaneously turning on

Dreams coming true

Dreams from other times, places, and spaces

Feelings of empty rooms being full

Jumps on my bed when I’m alone

Flashes of scenarios in my minds eye

Arriving to locations and feeling an overwhelm of emotions

Hearing a voice other than my own

Drinking alcohol in a group = feeling more


These experiences might seem other-worldly to some, or even enough to be labeled ´batty´, but they are my experiences nonetheless. My ´sensitivities` often had me feeling reluctant to share my true-whole self. Shoot, I had to learn who I was, how I tick, how I should navigate through a world who may look at me unbelievably. 


I know I’m not the only one.


I was lucky to grow up with a library of books of different beliefs. Any book or friend-of-a-friend story I heard, I soaked up. I read about psychic phenomenas and past lives. I sat at the foot of forests and in the breast of trees, feeling safe. I dreamt of beings who look different than us and I was extremely fascinated by extraterrestrials. I felt connected to the Native Americans, the moon, rivers, the sky, the stars.


For years, I kept quiet.

For years, there would be so much I wanted to talk about, but I didn’t know with who.

For years, I felt lonely, though I had so many friends.


And then the catalysts started happening. I started reflecting and more experiences came into my path. As I began to reflect, I realised that I had to make a choice. Either I embrace that these things are part of my experience, or I continue to live a life where I don’t embrace this very real side of myself.


I had to start developing a voice, because I realised that I wasn’t the only one like this in my family, and if I was like this in my generation, then maybe one or both of my kids would be too. When a person starts to realise that they are picking up on `unseen` information, it can feel scary at first.


The first time I heard a voice other than my own, I was breastfeeding my 2nd born. It was nighttime and I was in a different zone  - relaxed but yet present enough to know when it was time to change breasts. And very nonchalantly, I heard my name spoken, in my head. It definitely wasn’t my baby. I double checked if it was my own voice - it wasn’t. It was a clear, loud as day, male voice. The next time I heard this same voice was when I was reading, into the early morning hours. I couldn’t put the book down, despite my eyes constantly closing, head nodding off, and having to repeatedly read the sentences again. `Just close your eyes…` I heard. My eyes, now wide open, looked to the side in disbelief, and I quickly shut the book and responded, `Oooohh K….good idea!` The following time I heard a voice, was a very different one and it was more a plea for help. At the same time I sensed that it was someone getting ready to cross-over. It came to me automatically of how to help them realise that it was okay to continue on their journey.


I´ve been asked before if I couldn’t just `shut it off`, and I responded along the lines of, `if I shut it off, I´d be shutting a part of myself off…again.` And that’s it, I don’t want to live a life where I sweep a very important part of myself under a rug. 5 years ago, I felt really scared to start speaking openly about this. I thought more about all of the people I knew, from all of the places I’ve lived, friends of the family, business colleagues - what would they all think about me? The shy, sweet, and quiet young lady. Eventually, the importance of normalising experiences of `sensitivities` for fellow sensitives, especially my own children, became more important.


I appear shy because I am feeling more than the words spoken.

I appear sweet because I am genuinely interested.

I appear quiet because it might not be the right time to speak.


Aaah, but it is Now.



Have you had unexplainable experiences? How did you feel? 

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