Healing Through Time & Space


Check in, the Past 2 Weeks


What a dousy. In some ways, a part of myself felt pretty calm, while the another part of my being was finding its way through deep memories.


Lower Chakras

Fear, lack of safety, loneliness, feeling cut off.


As I sat with myself and felt where these emotions were coming from, I connected to a time of hiding. I’ve been there before, during my dream state: an escape underground, because above ground was unsafe and no longer habitable. Another memory was hiding within our home and knowing that we/I would be found.


Oh, the unpleasantness. But this time it was a quick and light tapping into these timelines, as my emotional body worked on releasing and bringing itself to the now. I could feel the lack of flow from my Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras and soon realised that at some point a version of my being may have coped with it by trying to escape from my own physical body. Giving up, abandoning the physical ship, checking out.


How do I help myself when I’m experiencing something like this?

Intuitively, I use words to stimulate the memories to feel observed, acknowledge, and transformed, as I work on releasing or bringing that emotional body into the now. I use Reiki Energy to integrate my Divine Being, through time and space. I call on my  Higher Self, my Spirit Team, Ancestors, and whoever/whatever else I intuitively feel called to.


Now you are safe

Now you are loved

Now you are accepted


I follow anything I do with, `Now I am PrisCilla. Here and Now. I am Here as PrisCilla, Now`.


Because we are Multidimensional


My memories and triggers are not only from this time-line and my dream state has helped a lot in my being aware of this. Whether these are past lives, parallel lives, or galactic experiences is at this point unimportant. There was a time where I was really concerned with: who was I in a past life, where did I come from, etc. At this point my questions navigate more towards: what version, what memory, what aspect of my-selves am I tapping into?


Needless to say these past 2 weeks I felt physically uncomfortable, emotional, and really tired as I cleared and integrated. I slept, I ate, I slept again, and then I enjoyed the rest of my time watching movies, painting my nails, and giving myself massages. I focused a lot on myself, in the here and now.


Healing and Integration


Deep healing is not always comfortable, but when we make it through the other side of these shifts we have a chance to reflect and integrate all which we have learned. The call to begin healing comes from within, whether we are conscious of it our not. In my case, the weeks prior to this shift, I had been setting the intention to `clear` whatever needed to be cleared - for the Highest Good, as well as for my Highest Good and My Highest Joy.


Yes, there are other times where the healing journey is very gentle and beautiful. I’ve experienced those as well - moments of feeling surrounded by love and tears of gratitude flow. In healing and integration, everything is possible. The most important is our willingness to go through the muddy stage, giving the lotus a chance to grow and finally bloom!


How have you been the last 2 weeks? Or all in all, what has been coming up for you throughout this time?


Much Love,