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I am an Intuitive Empath Energy Coach - some call me the Empath Empowerer. I work with empaths and other ‘sensitive souls’, helping them to step into their heart based power. Find out more about the 12 week journey in The Passionate Soul Academy, where we learn:

how to distinguish what is yours and what belongs to others energetically

how to empower yourself through self healing


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(This stuff ain’t no joke!) (this is empowering stuff that will not only help us now, but our future generations too - because the knowledge you learn in this 12 week journey will be energetic information you can pass onto your children and any other ‘sensitive’ kids in your life.)


How many stories have we heard of the natural born psychic who grew up in an environment which knew nothing about what they were experiencing? 


How much of those stories could be you?


Empaths are often Intuitive:

  • Discover which avenue your Intuition is guiding you
  • Practice feeling confident with your Intuition
  • Learn energetic tips on using your Intuition


Learn about:

  • Empaths and Relationships
  • Energetic Protection
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Feeling Powerful and Confident
  • Connecting and Calling on your Support Team



Empaths in Relationships - Remembering that partners, family, and friends are experiencing their own paths. You are not responsible for making them feel good: you do not need to take on what they are feeling or going through. It doesn’t help them make it through their journey, nor does it empower them if you attempt to take on their feelings or experiences.


Energetic protections -  Your energy field is only open to what you believe in. At the same time, yes, there are those who may not have the best intentions: you are worth it to set healthy, clear, and discerning boundaries.


Healthy Boundaries - as in protecting an Inner Child, you are the adult now and you set boundaries which allow only safe, uplifting and loving people, situations, and experiences in. You put your foot down and say No to circumstances which are not for your Highest Good.


Feeling Powerful and Confident - working on your lower chakras and bringing that balanced and strong energy to your heart. You are allowed to be and feel just as powerful and confident as the people you look up to the most. All of the power already exists within you. Now that you realise this, you can work on tapping into it and integrating it into your life now.


Connecting and Calling on your Support Team - we all have an unseen Team we can call on for support, strength, confidence, and guidance. Practice and feel confident in calling on your Team who have your best interest in heart. For My Highest Good, aligned with The Highest Love.





The Journey begins through:

Accepting ourselves as Sensitive Souls who are both Powerful and Loving

Maintaining our Vibe

Stepping into our Inner Power and Passion



The Passionate Soul Academy


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