4 Week Journey to Discover & Develop your Natural Intuitive Gifts

Discover and develop your Intuitive Soul Gifts. In this 4 week course we will discover, strengthen, and develop your natural Soul Gifts.

This course is for empaths and other ‘sensitive souls’ who want to:


  • What your Soul Gifts are
  • How to develop them
  • How to feel confident using them
  • How to feel empowered with your Soul Gifts
  • How you can use them to help yourself and others

How will it feel to be guided and supported as you get to know your natural intuitive abilities and how to confidently use them?

Commonly known Soul Gifts:

  • Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing
  • Claircognizance - Clear Knowing
  • Clairsentience - Clear Feeling
  • Clairaudience - Clear Hearing 

My Soul Gifts Development course guides you through all of this, as well as getting to know your own natural Soul Gifts. 

The most important is to help you feel empowered when interacting with spirit, and  learning how to interact with spirit in a way that helps both ‘sides’!

To keep it personal, I only accept 10 students for each class. If all spots of the present class are already filled, you will be put onto the waiting list for the following class.

You'll also learn about:

Energetic protections -  Your energy field is only open to what you believe in. At the same time, yes, there are those who may not have the best intentions: you are worth it to set healthy, clear, and discerning boundaries.


Healthy Boundaries - as in protecting an Inner Child, you are the adult now and you set boundaries which allow only safe, uplifting and loving people, situations, and experiences in. You put your foot down and say No to circumstances which are not for your Highest Good.


Feeling Powerful and Confident - working on your lower chakras and bringing that balanced and strong energy to your heart. You are allowed to be and feel just as powerful and confident as the people you look up to the most. All of the power already exists within you. Now that you realise this, you can work on tapping into it and integrating it into your life now.


Connecting and Calling on your Support Team - we all have an unseen Team we can call on for support, strength, confidence, and guidance. Practice and feel confident in calling on your Team who have your best interest in heart. For My Highest Good, aligned with The Highest Love.



Does this sound like you?
You can pick up on emotions?
You can sense what others are feeling or thinking?
Experience physical symptoms that are not yours?

You are NOT Alone!

For years (most of my life) I felt so very sensitive, much like a sponge who was constantly picking up on information from my environment and the people around me. It became so uncomfortable that I found myself no longer being able to tolerate being in crowds or public places. I felt the best when I gave myself plenty of downtime - alone at home or in my room. 


At one point, even going through social media would begin to affect me as I found myself picking up on energy and information as I scrolled through Facebook or Instagram!


I knew it had to stop.

I knew that I had to somehow help myself feel stronger and less ´sensitive` to the world around me.


My Journey Began

I delved deep into getting to know myself energetically. Figuring out how I could function in the world, while feeling empowered and whole at the same time. I knew that I not only wanted to feel ´stronger´ with my own abilities - because obviously I had the ability to know what others were feeling, but I wanted to also be able to use my abilities/gifts to:

  1. help myself
  2. help others

I knew that what would help me the most would be to be able to go to a school that focused on intuitive development, yet while going through a divorce with 2 kiddos, I could not afford the hefty price tag of $10,000.


So I began a journey of working on myself energetically and eventually became a Reiki Master and Teacher. I found though that as I worked on my own energetic self-care, my intuitive abilities began to turn on full force.


It was at times unbearable as I began to get inundated with visuals and emotional impressions that I clearly knew were not my own. Animals began to connect with me while I meditated. Dream time felt like I was working in a spiritual development school. The ringing in my ears turned into clear words. It began to feel uncomfortable at my day job, as I would find myself feeling energetic vibrations when customers stood in front of me. I began to connect more with spirits who felt fearful with their journey to cross over, but I couldn't tell many people about it.


`Hey, how was your day PrisCilla?`

`Great. I just reassured a spirit that it was safe for them to cross over and that they would be met with so much love! And after I called on my spirit team to help guide them over, I felt a beautiful feeling of thankfulness wash over me!`


Today, I can absolutely smile about it all.

I had to go through my journey so I could get to where I am today!

I look back now and realise it was all necessary for me to get to where I am today. Yes, there were times where I felt fearful and weak. I felt  like so much `information` was constantly coming at me and I had no clue as to help myself feel normal.


What is normal?


I knew that my normal was actually living a life where I could also embrace my Soul Gifts. I also knew that I wanted to eventually help others who would go through similar experiences as myself.


Because I felt very familiar with the feeling of insecurity with my own Soul Gifts, I especially knew that I wanted to guide and support others as they grew to learn more about their own Soul Gifts.


My journey deeply resonates with what I felt called to do, since my childhood. I knew then that no matter what it is that I do, it is to do my part in helping to make this a better place.


I know that there are so many out there who are ready to feel confident with their Soul Gifts, but just aren't sure about where to begin. I recommend with starting with one step at a time. Find someone who you know has been through a similar journey as yourself, and learn as much as you can, in whichever way that you can!