When Life Tries to Hand you Lemons

Phew, our last New Moon really laid me down flat with an unexpected dousy (is that a word?). Anyways, a situation came up that has me facing a side of myself that I thought I already processed, healed, and transformed. 

Then SMACK. Take THAT. You thought it used to be Intense before? Try This ONE.
Holy Macaroni.
I fluctuated between moments of all encompassing love, seeing the situation from a higher perspective. Even being able to laugh at the seemingly 'this can't be true' idea, because it seemed so far fetched. It couldn't be happening. But it Was. And I had to face it. And confront it. And face it again and again. And then, sometimes within the same hour, I felt like I would throw the towel in. Find a cave and settle in....because sometimes people and cray-cray situations freak me the heck Out!
All the while, asking myself why is this? What am I supposed to freaking Learn From THIS?
Ultimate Compassion, my dear. Total Forgiveness. Total Acceptance. Pure Love, no matter who or what is before you.
I Don't Know Yet.
Holy Toledo, I'm still learning.
So, on an attempt to start climbing up ladders....I didn't talk to anyone for 4 days. I wanted ZERO outer input. I cleared out 5 bags of clothes that needed to move on. Ladies, you know that feeling? It's feeling stuffy in here.  Clear up some space....ASAP. (I used to cut all my hair off when I went through previous big life changes.)
A lot of questioning of what I am doing, came up. Am I doing the right thing? Am I taking enough care of myself, so I can go sprint forward to do what I want to do?
Now, we are about to welcome the Full Moon. I'm setting clearer boundaries and sticking to them. (Belly Power!)  Flow Joy Love  and Myself are going through a clear out, revamp, refocusing, upgrade!
Let the Flow of Joy and Love begin......
*Repost from August, 2017