Conscious Uncoupling

I want to say Thank you to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

A few years ago you brought up the topic of Conscious Uncoupling. When I first heard about it, I thought, 'Sh*t. I don't want to do that. Anyways, we have our happy little family, 2 kids, house, garden, and I get to be a SAHM. Thank goodness everything's all Peachy here.'

Fast forward to now. I recently moved out of our family home. I have a small job, side projects, and the kids 50% of the time.

Thank you to all of the separating and divorcing parents, who are trying to do it in a peaceful way. 
Our children need to be able to grow up knowing that even though we are no longer together, we take our responsibility as parents serious. We are mature and strong enough to put our hurts aside, in order to be the parents that we are.

Yes, sometimes, especially in the beginning it was freaking difficult. Years of hurt and anger, rose to the surface, often uncontrollably. Things were getting out of hand.
Thats when I knew that though it would be difficult to move out of our Family Home, in a country where I have no family or support group....I knew I had to make the first steps. 

All of the trials I have gone through, and at times, am still going through, are all worth it. Our kids have been given the chance to see Mami and Papi hugging eachother again, talking to eachother, caring about eachother, inviting eachother over for lunch on Sundays, sharing random coffee times again.

All of which we couldn't manage to do while being in a relationship. Under one roof, it did not work out....But as friends....Heck Yeah.

You see, I really do care about the father of my kids. It is with him that I wanted to create a family with, some 12 or so years ago. Because I knew and felt his tenderness, caring heart, and love. And he is an all around cool guy. Most importantly, I want to know that he is genuinely happy, with or without me. Its alright that our paths are going in different directions. The beauty of it is that our paths will continue meeting every once in a while....because Our Path Together - is our Kids.

Yeah, 12 or so years ago, when I fell in love with him, I told him, "No matter what, I want you in my life. If we are together or not, it's alright. I am happy to have you in my life as my friend."

So, here's a toast to my friend, who I've spent a humungous part of my adult life with. To my friend, with who I've been given the privilege of being a parent with. To my friend, who shared with me the security and stability of a family home. To my friend, with whom I've shared so many moments of uncontrollable laughter, card games, dances on the coffee table, dreams of self sustainability in the Wild West, changing hairdos, self-sung concerts, and the random love of old people.

No Matter what, I love You and always wish you the very best, your Co-parenting Buddy: