Feminine & Masculine








That’s what we are here to learn.

Our relationships could be the most beautiful balance of Feminine & Masculine coming together. 

Within ourselves we have these two energies which beg to come into balance: many women strengthening their ‘Inner Power’ & many men softening their ‘Inner Tenderness’. 

Look at these two - they found eachother!

Personally, I’m going through a process of coming into my Own Inner Power, Drive, and Follow Thru. There are so many areas that I’m learning to develop myself with this - though it at times feels extremely uncomfortable, and some people react with deep frowns (because it’s much different then the past passivity I used to put out) - I very much want to learn and integrate this Power into my Life.

I want to find and live the balance of Powerful Oceans & Serene Lakes - with my Inner Knowing guiding my Inner Compass: Now we are strong. Now we are Tender. Now we are Powerful. Now we are Allowing.