The Pulse of our Ancestors

Traditions, ceremonies, and rituals carried down ancestral lines. 


Honoring our connection to our ancestors.


The lessons that our ancestors have learned and experienced, runs through our genetic memory. To honor them is to honor what they have learned. 


They may have had lives that were more connected to the Earth, the Elements, and Spirits around them - but they also may have made mistakes.


Sometimes we may feel their connection, their essence trying to guide us, offering assistance and support. 


Sometimes we don’t feel, or are not aware of our connection to our ancestors.

We can ask them.


Thank you.

Thank you for All that you have learned.

Thank you for All that you have been through - allowing the information to run through our veins, and those of our future generations.

Thank you for your assistance.


As they sat around the fires, in the forest, in the desserts, on the mountain tops, at the sea, and shared stories with their younger generations - we can still do the same.


We now sit on the sofas and tell stories to our children and nieces and nephews. These stories are still important, helping our connections stay alive.


A child is often fascinated by the stories of their mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, great grandfathers and great grandmothers. The stories of how they lived and the adventures they experienced.


We also learn and carry those lessons through our connection to them. Sometimes, what we carry from our Ancestors are memories/imprints that are calling to be transformed.


You can do this yourself. Listen and trust your Intuition.


‘I see your Journey. I know it was at times tough. Now we bring it to Light, surrounded by Love.’


If you feel something coming up from a past that ‘doesn’t’ belong to you, know that your ancestors are not plaguing you on purpose. Think of it as: You are picking up on it, because your Soul Family and Yourself decided that You’d be the best one to bring transformation to that Soul Family topic - which you’re All trying to learn from.


Mucho Love,