Clearing to Manifest

I’m not sure why, but I keep having the feeling that this year just started. Something feels ‘new’, like you just made it to the next page of your favorite book.


Lately there’s been lot of ‘finishing up’ and tying up of loose ends - leaving much needed space in life for new experiences, relationships, and opportunities. 


On my end, I’ve been busy clearing up, tapping into What I Want, and How I Want to help bring it into my Life. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of things that I don’t need, but always convinced myself that one day I might get an idea of how to use it. In turn, the clearing up has inspired me to finally paint some of my furniture - lightening up the feeling in the living room (where we are most of the day). And it feels great, my eyes settle on colors that help me feel good, are pleasant to me, and I’m proud to have used some creative energy for our space.


All around me, let’s say more in my field...I feel an Abundance preparing to come in. Yes, like so many of us, I am healing/transforming my relationship with Abundance. 


I’ve declared money as one of my new friends. At present, we’re getting to know eachother Energetically. As I do this, I experience more creative ideas of how to Allow Joyful Abundance into this experience.


This is Fun!


And that’s what our Lives should be.....Fun.


If we ‘work’, let us have Fun with it. Yes, perhaps our present situation is still in the other version of working - but, go ahead, start giving energy towards those steps that will bring you into What you want and How you want it.


I feel the upcoming Abundance and I’m definitely getting ready for it - All 


Have you noticed yourself going through a Clearing Phase? 

Getting rid of old, no longer needed ‘things’? 

Energetically making space for New?