Affirmations & Mindset
Affirmations and how we can use them to positively influence our mindset.

I´m a Manifestor & YOU are too!
A few years ago, I won a chance to get my first Akashic record reading. It blew me away.... Amongst hitting on topics of soul origin, talents, and what topics I wanted to learn about, she told me that I have a talent for manifesting. I thought about it. How many times had something that I deeply wanted happen or come into my life? As I thought about it, I realized it was quite a few times. Though it didn’t work out for me every time! Why? Throughout the years I started learning more and more...

You might have asked yourself over and over again, `Why does it seem like things are just not working out for me?` Maybe you felt so many times that everyone else has it much easier than you. Despite countless attempts to work on yourself, to cut and paste your vision of your future on a board, of reading numerous self-improvement books and articles, life still seems to not move in the direction you wish it would. Noticing that so many around you are manifesting with ease, while your own...

I’ve declared money as one of my new friends. At present, we’re getting to know eachother Energetically. As I do this, I experience more creative ideas of how to Allow Joyful Abundance into this experience.

What are some of the positive sentences you use to cheer yourself on? To remind yourself that everything's going to be alright?

A pattern or certain behaviors keep repeatedly presenting in your life - and you’ve worked on your energetic boundaries* then it might be time to start asking what do you want in your space. *What is it that You Allow in Your Field? Get clear Feel it Allow it Accept it Receive It *Something general: Joy That means I now Allow: Joy in my Field Joy in my interactions Joyful situations Joyful circumstances Joyful work Joyful relationships Not there yet? Then Pretend. Yeah, Fake it till you make...

What are some of your 'cheer leading' Mantras?