Affirmations & Mindset

Using Affirmations to positively influence our mindset can help us manifest on purpose. The truth is, we are always attracting and manifesting. The question is `How`.

How do we begin to attract what we choose to have or experience in our lives? 

How do we do this on purpose without creating resistance?

How do we trust that what we want to manifest is actually on the way?


One way you can begin is by using Affirmations. Sit with your journal and begin tapping into what it Feels like to have or experience what you really want in your life. Focus on using the words:

It Feels So Good Now that.......


Fill your journal with all of the Affirmations that come up for you. Use your journal to remind you of your visions of your manifestations and how they Feel. Tapping into the feeling that you experience is important in reprogramming our mindset into believing and knowing that your manifestation is now your reality.


When you do this regularly for a few minutes each day, you will begin to see evidence of how your mindset has been transformed with positivity!