What is a Spiritual Coach?

Are you the friend that everyone turns to for a shoulder to lean on? Do strangers often share their inner most feelings with you? Is it possible that you have a natural talent for providing helpful insights and loving direction to others?


Have you ever thought about becoming a coach?

How about a Spiritual Coach?


In The Passionate Soul Academy we learn all about how to find and attract those who are happy to pay you for your natural talent. No longer will you be extending your time, love, and energy without getting paid.


Instead, you will learn how to let others know exactly what it is that you help them with and also how they can receive services from you.


When I was a young teenager, I began to realise how much I loved helping others. Reminding them that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. As I got older I knew that my mission was to keep on providing that service - so I landed multiple jobs in customer service, where I became the go to for all client woes. Bosses realised then that I had a talent for dealing with customers and helping them to resolve issues, leading them to leave with smiles of contentment.


Eventually I realised that I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to mentor and guide others through the dark tunnels they were experiencing. I knew essentially that what I had been doing for years for both my customers and friends, was a form of coaching. I WAS coaching others for free!


As I developed the others skills that were important to me, I also began to realise that more and more were asking for guidance and support through their own awakening journeys. As I gave classes on how to care for oneself energetically, I naturally also provided Spiritual Coaching.

What makes a Spiritual Coach?

One question I often asked myself in my early days of coaching was, ´What makes a Spiritual Coach?` A Spiritual Coach is akin to the natural upwards procession of a ladder. You learn and grow through various experiences, in this case spiritual, and in turn help those who find themselves on a similar ladder as you. Basically extending your arm, let's say, to help those who are on their way up!

Is it easy?

I would say if you are providing Spiritual Coaching to others, then you are most hopefully intending to help others from your heart-space. If you are like me, you will definitely find it easy to provide guidance to others because you genuinely care for their well being!


Think about how you have giving guidance to others. What kind of people were they? What types of problems were they looking for insight on? How were you able to support them?


Now think about how much more you would be able to provide support to others when you become focused on who exactly you want to help, and how. What area is your natural area of expertise?

Take the First Steps!

Take the first steps needed for you to start doing what your heart loves to do. If it is offering guidance and support to others along their Spiritual Journeys, go for it.


If there is anything you feel that you want to learn, go ahead and begin.

If there is anyone who you feel inspired by, reach out to them or see how they can teach you.


There is so much free information out there which can be found once you consciously make the decision to take your first steps.


I personally love to provide services to the spiritually (woo woo, new age, mystical, awakening ) inclined. They are my kind of people. Exactly the kind of folks who understand me when I start talking about energy, vibrations, and spirits and how to handle them in our day to day world!


To put the toping on the cake, I especially love to teach them how to create their own Heartbased Businesses - Hello Spiritual Coach!


Spiritual Business?

Who mixes Spirituality and Business? I do. As do many others. As does my own coach and mentor that I worked with. 


But shouldn't we give it away for free?


Sure you can. But believe me, burnout is real. Even spiritual burnout, especially if you are often putting out your time, love, and energy and not receiving the equivalent in return.


It´s not a pretty picture believe me. I experienced this when I charged too low for the services and healing work that I do. 


The fact of the matter is that like doctors and lawyers, we deserve to get paid for our services. Coaches, especially Spiritual Coaches can provide guided support which can have long lasting effects. 

We need you!

Yes, it is true. The world needs you. We need you. The more we get others helping others, the better we will all be. More and more of us are going through various forms of awakenings and need as much help and guidance as possibly available. 


Are you Ready?